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Kingswear Primary Celebrates 150 years

Kingswear Primary School finally had the opportunity to celebrate their 150th anniversary with the community at the start of this academic year. Following in-school events for the children last term which included a Victorian day and a school birthday party, past pupils and local villagers were invited to an open evening to tour the school and view old logs books and photographs dating back to the school’s opening in 1871.

The current staff and parents were delighted to welcome former pupils and their families, some of whom had a long association with the school. In fact, Rob Little and Lindsay Hoyle first met in the infant classroom on Lindsay’s first day at the school, 64 years ago! They are still the best of friends and were delighted to relive the memories of that moment by sitting at a desk in the same spot when they visited. Mr Little recalled: “I have great memories of our early learning in that room - being heard to read every day by Mrs Lee, learning our ‘times tables’ from two to twelve - the tables were written on brown paper and stuck to the walls...we used to chant them before lunchtime!” Alongside remembering staff and pupils past, the school’s recent refurbishments were admired.

The following day, the whole school walked down to Jubilee Park at Waterhead Creek for a picnic and party with parents and carers. The children played games, ate cake and had a wonderful time in the sunshine. Head of School, Sarah Lord, reflected “it was the perfect way to celebrate the school’s importance to the community, particularly after the difficult year we have all had which has kept us apart in many ways. Speaking to former pupils brought the school’s history to life and we all feel very privileged to be part of such a special place.”

The school’s Parent, Teacher and Friends Association is keen to ensure the school continues to flourish and thrive for another 150 years by developing the playground space. They are planning fundraising events for the coming year. Donations can be made on

If you are interested in seeing what this small village school has to offer, visits can be arranged by telephoning 01803 752356 or emailing


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